CI/CD 101: 3 Principles of Salesforce DevOps with Andrew Davis

September 15th

2:00PM CET

Searching for a smarter way to leverage DevOps to solve real-world problems in Salesforce?

Don’t miss this deep dive on DevOps best practices and how to apply them within a Salesforce environment. Andrew Davis, author of “Mastering Salesforce DevOps,” will share the key principles to build a fast and friction-free CI/CD pipeline for Salesforce.

The most innovative companies in the world rely on DevOps to maximize their Salesforce ROI. Ready to join them?

You'll Learn:

  • 3 core DevOps principles that drive visibility, speed and quality in your build cycles.
  • How CI/CD can help your teams accelerate software development and delivery. 
  • How to leverage DevOps best practices for Salesforce builds and releases. 

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Your Speakers:

Andrew Davis

Sr Director of Research and Innovation, author of “Mastering Salesforce DevOps”


Ashton Chaffee

Sr Product Marketing Manager, CI/CD