Copado User Toolkit

Episode 5: Cloud Deployment Best Practices

July 20th

10 am PT

We’ve all seen a golfer launch a deadeye drive that lands within a few feet from the hole — only to miss their putt for birdie.

In the same way, months of world-class planning, building and testing can go waste if a development team doesn't nail every detail of the deployment process. Tune in on July 20th for Episode 5 of the Copado User Toolkit and discover our latest and greatest best practices for smooth and seamless cloud deployments.

Join Abhishek Thombare — Salesforce Analyst at Deloitte and Copado Champion — for a hands-on tour of Copado’s deployment tools and real-world use cases. Abhishek and our Customer Success experts will show you how to bundle User Stories, handle tricky components and leverage Validation Rules.

You'll Learn:

  • The ins and outs of User Story Bundle: Group 50+ User Stories to eliminate promotion complexity and streamline deployments.
  • Tips and tricks for managing pesky components: Check out 500+ deployable Salesforce metadata components.
  • How to set up Validation Rules: Monitor User Stories and prevent premature promotions.

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Your Speakers:

Caity Stark

Manager, Customer Success Architecture


Martin Ryder

Customer Success Architect


Abhishek Thombare

Salesforce Analyst

Deloitte India