Copado User Toolkit

Episode 6: Best Practices for Upgrades

October 12th

10 am PT

Ready to upgrade? Moving to the latest version of Copado allows you to leverage our latest product innovations and security framework. But upgrades are tricky — and the wrong strategy can open a Pandora’s box of platform headaches. 

Welcome back to the Copado User Toolkit: Your go-to resource for the tools and tips you need to unlock success on the Copado DevOps Platform. On October 12, Join Caity Stark and Martin Ryder for the sixth episode of the series. Learn how to execute a seamless upgrade and stay up-to-date with the latest version of Copado!

You'll Learn:

  • Best Practices for Copado Upgrades
  • Tips and Tricks for Skipping a Version
  • Strategies to Help You Stay on a Supported Version

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Your Speakers:

Caity Stark

Manager, Customer Success Engineers


Martin Ryder

Customer Success Engineer