The Playbook Episode 3: Enabling DevSecOps in Digital Transformations

May 25

10AM Pacific Time
7PM Central European Time

As more businesses embark on their digital transformation journeys, it is important to understand how security impacts your overall delivery pipeline. DevSecOps is the process of DevOps that ensures that security is built into your development lifecycle from the very beginning.

Copado’s Strategic Services team will discuss how best to approach those key cloud security threats so you can identify and learn how to mitigate those challenges before it’s too late.

You'll Learn:

  • The 3 pillars of DevSecOps
  • The most common security pitfalls/threats for digital transformations
  • How to approach security challenges and mitigate overall security risk

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Your Speakers:

Lucy Curtin

Sr Product Marketing Manager


Justin Dossey

VP, Strategic Services


Dan Kellogg

Program Architect