Don’t Jeopardize Your Multi-Cloud DevOps: How to Integrate Security and Compliance

August 12th


Security and compliance are often after thoughts when it comes to digital transformations. Fact is, a transformation that is not secure or compliant will expose you to preventable risks and vulnerabilities. Managing security becomes even more complex if you have a technology landscape spanning across multiple clouds or platforms. Getting ahead and proactively managing security and compliance risk will protect you from delivering releases that may jeopardize your company brand and reputation. Join use to learn how Copado Security Planning and Copado Compliance Hub products can enable security and compliance within your DevOps lifecycle so you can continue delivering quickly, without sacrificing quality.

You'll Learn:

  • How the regulatory landscape for security and compliance has evolved over the years
  • What it takes to enable security and compliance in your multi-cloud transformation
  • How Copado can help you proactively manage your security and compliance risks

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Your Speakers:

Andrew Storms

Senior Director, Security and Compliance Product


Lucy Curtin

Senior Manager, Product Marketing Manager