State of Salesforce DevOps LIVE

3 Hypotheses | Results from Copado’s 2022 Report

August 31st

10 am PT

What’s holding back today’s Salesforce development teams? What’s the secret sauce that separates elite performers from the rest of the pack? On August 31, join the authors of Copado’s third annual State of Salesforce DevOps Report for a 30-minute deep dive on the three key hypotheses we tested in 2022.

Walk through dozens of data points with our experts and discover the meaning behind the metrics. We’ll explain what we tested, why we tested it and what it all means for you and your business. Let’s shed light on the habits of high-performing Salesforce teams!

You'll Learn:

  • Hypothesis 1: Does the Adoption of Automated Testing Reduce Failure Rates?
  • Hypothesis 2: Do Open-Source CI/CD Tools Slow Down Release Velocity?
  • Hypothesis 3: Does Agile Planning Lead to Better Business Outcomes?

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Your Speakers:

Andrew Davis

Senior Director of Methodology


Kristin Baskett

Director of Product Marketing