Salesforce DevOps: To Script or Not to Script?

November 11th

10:00AM PT
1:00PM ET

Looking to ramp up your Salesforce innovation through the power of DevOps? Leveraging open source DevOps tools to build your own solution could save you a quick buck — but the DIY route is often full of headaches and pitfalls down the line.

Join Andrew Davis, author of the award-winning book Mastering Salesforce DevOps, for a closer look at homegrown DevOps solutions. Andrew will explore the pros and cons of DIY DevOps and show you how Copado’s user-friendly UI enables pro-code developers and no-code admins to collaborate directly within the Salesforce platform.

You'll Learn:

  • The challenges and pain points of using open-source DevOps tools.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of DIY solutions vs. cloud-native DevOps.
  • Financial risks and timing issues of homegrown DevOps for Salesforce.
  • How Copado integrates with Jenkins and Git to solve merge conflicts.
  • How to accelerate DevOps adoption and time to Salesforce value.

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Your Speakers:

Andrew Davis

Sr. Director of Research & Innovation