Manufacturing + the DevOps Revolution: Trends and Transformations

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December 15th

10:00AM PT
1:00PM ET

The Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to drive digital transformation across the manufacturing landscape. Today’s customers demand an end-to-end suite of services and real-time visibility into supply chains.

Is your organization future-proof?

Join Andrew Davis and Peter Coffee for a lively thought leadership discussion and Q&A Salesforce DevOps and the future of B2B and B2C commerce. We’re bringing the stories and the insights to put you on the track to Salesforce glory.


You'll Learn:

  • How to avoid spreadsheet hell and disconnected data doom.
  • The power of easy-to-acquire and easy-to-deploy DevOps.
  • How DevOps functions as both a guardrail and a launchpad.
  • Techniques for seamless end-to-end supply chain experiences.

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Your Speakers:

Andrew Davis

Sr. Director of Research and Innovation


Peter Coffee

VP for Strategic Research